Giant Redwoods

Giant Redwoods

To reach the forest from the lodges drive to Chirbury and follow the main road to Welshpool. After Chirbury the next village you enter will be Forden. Take the first right hand turn opposite the Cock Inn pub. There is a very small RFS sign here on the left. Continue a short distance along this road looking for a left hand turn, again with a RFS sign. You will now be on a small single track road heading uphill, take a left at the top by the RFS sign. There is free parking at the entrance to the woods.

For further directions and a map follow this link


John Naylor planted the first Redwoods here in 1857. The estate was later sold to Charles Ackers in 1931 and being impressed by the Redwoods which were alreday 74 years old added more to the small grove.

The original trees still stand now, more than 150 years old and amongest the oldest outside the natural range in California.

This is a small wood but perfect for children and interesting for adults. If you have kids I’d advise taking a picnic because they will want to set up camp in one of the many dens hidden a round and about!

Published on 6th June 2017 by Moonrise Lodges